To the spa by car

If you plan visiting the Vyšné Ružbachy Spa by car, there are two ways how to enter the resort—either through the lower gate barrier (turn left at the main intersection in the village) or the upper gate barrier  (go straight at the main intersection in the village). At both barrier stations, you will receive a parking ticket while the parking price may be paid at any reception desk, currently in the Grand Hotel Strand**** or at the reception desk in Travertín II Hotel. Parking areas in the spa resort are not guarded. After you pay the parking ticket, you should cross the gate barrier within 15 minutes.

Parking pricelist - parking duration price
first 15 min free
every commenced hour 2,50 €/every commenced hour
whole day parking 8 € / deň (50 % discount for accomodated guest )
accomodated guests max 20 €/stay


parkovanie mapa
A. Spodná rampa
B. Horná rampa
1. Prameň Jozef
2. Biely dom
3. Švajčiarske domčeky
4. Hotel Traverín I.
5. Hotel Traverín I.
6. Balneoterapia
7. Grand Hotel Strand****
8. Letné horské kúpalisko
9. Kráter
10. Vodopád
11. Vila Karolína
12. Stará pošta
13. Záhradná reštaurácia Rotunda