Difficulty level

Easy, only slight ascents, possibly a slippery surface


Length and elevation

1,7 km  40 horizontal meters

Required outfit

Hiking shoes, suitable clothes


1 hour at a walking pace

The Oxygen Route – Water is a path on which you will pass a few springs and the Balneology building where this trail begins. On the ground floor, right in the middle of the lobby, the Izabela spring emerges to the surface. Even though the spring actually rises up under the Grand Hotel Strand, on this floor the fresh water is available to the public. The spring with the highest yield and the highest carbon content in Europe is the Izabela spring with the output of as much as 20 litres of water per second. The spring supplies natural mineral water to hydrotherapy facilities and to the summer-time outdoor swimming pool. In addition to the main spring, healing water flows out of 14 more springs.

prameň Izabela

After you try water from this spring, exit the Balneotherapy building, pass the green tunnel and continue around the Tree in Stone towards Travertín I Hotel. In front of the hotel, there is a massive travertine statue—a cube with two springs, Sčensný and Vagonár. Although the Sčensný Spring depends on current conditions, its water flows out most of the year. Unfortunately, it is not fit for drinking as it collects rain water along its way to the spring.  This is the spot where you can take a short break. You may stop by the Lobby Bar in Travertín Hotel at the reception desk, where we offer delicious coffee, beer and long drinks. 

prameň sčensný

Your further steps will lead to the Crater travertine lake, which too is a strong spring. On your journey to the Crater, you will pass our iconic Swiss Houses, and then turn left. Thanks to its size, the Crater travertine lake is regarded as the largest travertine lake in Slovakia. Moreover, in Slovakia, there is no other water-filled travertine crater with an extraordinary border wall similar to that in the Vyšné Ružbachy Spa located at the foot of Spišská Magura hill. Since 1967, this unique natural feature is on the list of protected natural monuments of Slovakia.


This Oxygen Route then leads from the Crater down the stream from the lake towards the waterfall. After you enjoy the waterfall, continue under the White House with impressive travertine pillars until you reach the lower asphalt road; on the opposite side, you will see the gate to the Jozef Spring. Water from this spring is classified as natural healing water, moderately mineralised, containing bicarbonates, higher contents of calcium, magnesium and fluorine, slightly sour, cold, with a mineral content of 2,507 mg per litre and more than 1,200 mg of CO2 per litre, and its temperature is up to 19 ºC. The Vyšné Ružbachy Spa uses natural healing springs to provide the spa treatment comprising mineral water drinking procedures.  

prameň Jozef

After this refreshment, continue along the asphalt road to the outdoor swimming pool complex, up to the hiking signposts. Exit the spa resort and cross three bridges on the path along the stream, following blue markers, for about 5 minutes until you reach the last stop on your journey—the Love and Oblivion Springs. These two springs are subjects of many legends and stories and their names indicate what the stories are about. Next to these springs that offer tasty healing water, there is a sitting spot, a gazebo and an outdoor fireplace, as well as the Kneipp spa. If you want to return to the spa, take the same route back or the path that begins behind the gazebo and ascends behind the Grand Hotel Strand**** . It will take you to the Balneotherapy building where you cannot miss our iconic Balneo Bistro, where you may enjoy some refreshment after this tiring walk.

prameň lásky a zabudnutia
mapa kyslíková trasa